VidarWood and sustainability

Responsible application of wood

In an increasing number of European countries, optimised softwood is used as an alternative for tropical hardwood. European spruce, pine and larch are a good and sustainable replacement for various types of tropical hardwood. VidarWood products stand for the responsible use of the natural raw material of wood. We only supply wood from sustainably managed European FSC and PEFC forests. The origin of our wood is always known and the legality guaranteed.

only certified European wood

low carbon footprint

in keeping with a sustainable purchasing policy

made-to-order products reduce waste and outage

Low carbon footprint

  • Carbon storage

    The wood is from sustainably managed forests (FSC or PEFC certified). These forest populations continue to store undisturbed CO2 from the atmosphere in the wood.

  • Shorter transport

    The transport chain is drastically shortened. The wood is from Europe, is processed here, and is also used again in Europe. Unlike tropical hardwood. Shorter transport lines result in lower fuel consumption and therefore less carbon emissions.

  • Net transport volume

    VidarWood softwood is produced to order. This enables us cut down on the volumes of wood we transport, which means less fuel consumption per net product volume and, therefore, less carbon emissions.

Sustainable purchasing policy

Sustainable purchasing policy is an essential aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility. VidarWood’s products match on sustainable purchasing policy of Dutch government. Our products are TPAC proof (Timber Procurement Assessment Committee), because Vidarwood only uses FSCĀ®(FSC-C117418) en PEFC™ certified wood.

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