Who is VidarWood

Who is VidarWood?

VidarWood is a leading producer and supplier of optimised softwood on the European market. VidarWood produces and supplies and optimised wood products in spruce, pine and larch in any desired quality and size. We also produce semi-finished products for the wood-processing industry and we create end products such as cheese ageing boards for the food industry.
VidarWood has many years of experience and the knowledge required to supply the best possible products for your specific application. All our wood comes from responsibly managed European forest areas with an FSC® (FSC-C117418) or PEFC/30-32-874 certificate.

spruce – pine – larch


Benefits of VidarWood’s optimised softwood:

  • cuts costs by reducing outage and waste

  • reduces labour costs by means of semi-finished products

  • high shape and dimensional stability

  • delivery according to made-to-order dimensions

  • any desired wood quality (A to BC grade)

  • alternative for tropical hardwood types


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VidarWood is a producer and supplier of high-quality optimised European softwood.
The wood is selected, finger jointed, laminated and profiled at our production location near Poznan (Poland).

In addition to our production options, we have our own testing and R&D facilities for the testing and production of made-to-order wood products and development of new semi-finished products.

VidarWood also works closely with two European partners, between which the production of specific products is divided. This collaboration increases the product range and guarantees continuity in terms of volume and quality.

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VidarWood has two laboratories with testing facilities for:

  • strength tests
  • bonding
  • migration tests
  • Durability tests

VidarWood uses strict control procedures to guarantee the continuity of the production processes and the wood quality. VidarWood has its own R&D facilities in the Netherlands and Poland for developing new, made-to-order wood products and semi-furnished products. Thorough engineering procedures mean that for many applications, our optimised softwood products are a fully fledged replacement for tropical wood products.


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FSC® (FSC-C117418)

VidarWood is   COC (chain of custody) certified. This guarantees that the FSC® (FSC-C117418) products actually come from a responsibly managed forest and that every link in the supply chain has been certified. VidarWood offers FSC® (FSC-C117418) wood products with a ‘FSC® (FSC-C117418) Mix Credit’ or ‘FSC® (FSC-C117418) 100%’ claim under certificate number FSC-CU-COC-828395-EC.

Download the FSC certificate from Vidarwood


In addition to FSC-certified materials, our wood products also come from PEFC/30-32-874 -certified forests. The PEFC/30-32-874 (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is a worldwide organisation that issues quality marks to promote sustainable commercial forest management.

Download the PEFC certificate from Vidarwood


VidarWood produces products and semi-finished products for the food industry in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 and under any additional country-specific requirements.

Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 sets general requirements for food contact materials (FCM). These requirements have also been implemented in some specific country Packaging and Consumer Products Decree , which contains specific requirements for different materials that go beyond European legislation. Wood may only be used as a food contact material if all of the materials found in the wood are permitted under these lists. All our FCM products are inspected, tested and certified by means of specific migration tests by the worldwide inspection organisation (notified test institute) SGS. SGS is the world’s most prominent inspection, control, testing and certification organisation. SGS is the global standard for quality and integrity and has more than 85,000 employees worldwide. Continuous checks by SGS and our own laboratory safeguard the quality within the process and every individual end product.


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Responsibly managed European forest areas

All our wood comes from responsibly managed European forest areas with an FSC®(FSC-C117418) en PEFC/30-32-874 certified wood.

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