VidarWood’s wood products

VidarWood produces and supplies:

finger jointed laminated wood (Glulam Beams, Lamscant)

solid finger jointed wood (beams and scantlings)

wood components for window frames, stairs and doors

cheese ripening boards and food-related FCM boards

finger jointed laminated panels (edge glued panels)

special composite products

More information about VidarWood's products?

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spruce – pine – larch



Timber industry

Stair industry

Window frame industry

Door industry

Furniture industry

Timber frame constructions

Timber trade

Wood importers and traders

Food industry

Cheese industry

Food industry


Concrete industry

Timber frame constructions


Cheese ripening boards

North-west Europe has a leading global position when it comes to producing cheese. But to retain this position, continuous development and innovation are crucial. Based on many years of experience, our VidarWood engineered cheese boards have been specially designed to retain this position and increase your returns. Our ‘DS’ (Dutch Standard) type thus represents the current market-based cheese ageing board and the OST 15®| | high-end products are used for future-proof process optimisations. In addition, our cheese ageing boards respond to the increasingly stricter food safety regulations and requirements.

More information about FCM certification

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less adhesion and formation of microorganisms

optimal moisture regulation

Low sensitivity to damage

High dimension and shape stability

Well-thought-out design and finish

High-quality finger jointing and laminate bonding

High bend resistance

Certified sustainable wood

FCM certified for both EU and additional country-specific requirements